"Visions 2013" Sechrest Art Gallery High Point University Highpoint US 27.8. - 1.11.2013

Sibylle Grosjean

"Visions 2013", Sechrest Art Gallery, High Point University

The Sechrest Art Gallery at High Point University will feature the work of 16 renowned artists from across the country in its second annual exhibition – VISIONS 2013: “Making the Ordinary Extraordinary.” The exhibit, which opens Aug. 27, will remain in the gallery until Nov. 1. “This exhibition focuses on the mundane, the discarded and the forgotten,” says Campbell. “Our experiences of these commonplace items make this exhibition unexpected and thought-provoking for viewers.”

Two of the "things" will be guests at this exhibition.

6.8.2013: Pressrelease, Download Postcard
Visions 2013 - High Point (NC), Sechrest (2013) Ausstellungsankuendigung